Market Research

We engage in research to back you up so that you can make decisions more confidently, whether you want to open a second location or invest in new technology.

Knowing fully well that market location can make or break your sales, we lunch investigation into market positioning and segmentation which are the two most important factors for new product launches.

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Feasibility study

We ensure accurate Feasibility study by taking on intimidating financial data and turn it into meaningful information, providing a blueprint you’ll need to achieve success.

We offer you accurate financial projections for the years to come with professional assistance where there is nothing like doubt in knowing the viability of your project and this help you secure funding.

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Client Satisfaction Survey

We believe it is essential to understand your customers, ensure you meet their requirements, and their preferences about your product/brand/business which in return earn loyalty towards your brand.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

We help you understand your employees better as we know hiring a new employee can be frustrating and expensive about the money and time involved with recruitment, training and workplace integration and what may be seen as an immediate hire, quickly turns into a challenging, costly undertaking.

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Healthcare Services

HEALTHCARE RESEARCH has been a specialty of AMASS Market research for nearly a decade. We have gathered data from patients, nurses, physicians, other healthcare professionals, and the general public through a variety of research methods.

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Grow with us

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a local organization looking for a highly personalized service and customized survey, our experienced team will do what they do best… Make you and your team satisfied!